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Who Hires
A Designer?
Wondering why
you need a

Okay, so you’re wondering why do you need a Design Studio? You know your brand better than anyone else. You know its story and its work culture. Doesn’t it make more sense to keep things internal, especially if you’re already an established company?

Besides offering a substantially more cost-effective alternative, hiring an external Design Studio partner brings many benefits to a business it simply wouldn’t get on its own.

In short, you’re in good company here. There are more reasons than not for a business to seek outsourced graphic design work — many of which go beyond a brand new business’ need for an initial logo and website. Some of the most common reasons we’ve seen to hire graphic designs include the following.

Businesses Seeking
Complete Branding Overhaul

There comes a time when even the most grounded visual brands need a facelift. Consumer beliefs change, aesthetic trends shift, a company seeks a new target market or taps into an evolving demographic. Combined with updates in software and technology that allow for new and interesting design tweaks to collateral, these are only a few reasons a business might feel it’s time to revisit their brand’s look and feel.

Businesses that seek out a complete branding overhaul often begin with a logo re-design. Logo updates can include anything from new fonts and typography to coloration, changes in lines and depth, shadows, spacing and even sound and movement if digitally displayed — think the swirling fox in Firefox or the deep sonic drum when opening Netflix.

Hitting this refresh button requires equally fresh input. An outsourced Design Studio partner is the logical perspective for you to seek.

Businesses With
Marketing Departments

Whether in a company of five or 500, graphic design often gets included in the broader marketing department. That department, in turn, is in charge of every single facet involved in boosting brand visibility and capturing sales — a formula that everyone knows is perpetually harder said than done.

This department takes care of anything and everything brand-related, from marketing analytics, segmentation and customer research to advertising, content marketing, social media, web development and product sales strategies. This list is hardly comprehensive, too.

Graphic designers offer a lifeline to a saddled and overstretched marketing team. In simply taking one aspect of marketing off your shoulders, you save time, money and energy even after factoring in the new amounts of collaboration.


Speaking of being overstretched, have you ever met an entrepreneur or new business owner who wasn’t doing it all?

When you’ve just opened a new business venture, it’s more important than ever to manage your time strategically, doing what you can when you can and bringing in talent to fill the gaps — at a price point you can afford. There’s simply no better way to achieve business basics like logo and website creation at this stage than by hiring a freelance designer to ideate, implement and root your new brand.

In today’s ever-competitive world, businesses looking to keep fluid bottom lines understand that sometimes you have to perfect what you can and let others take care of the rest.

This sort of thinking isn’t just economical, it’s the way of the future. Business specialization keeps production systems lean, employees more productive and costs more manageable regardless of what industry you’re in. You keep your time and resources dedicated where they thrive, then leave the rest to experts — who, incidentally, are also focusing on what they do best.



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