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Checklist for Good Trade Show Results

Exhibitions provide a unique opportunity to display your product and business to large numbers of potential customers. A clear idea of what you are trying to achieve, and how to go about it, helps you maximise the impact.

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Design it yourself or hire it out?

For most people, taking on a few design projects will be a lot of work. Therefore, it is important to define what you really need-and we mean really need. Defining your projects by what you need as opposed to what…

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How to Hire and Work with a Designer

Are you planning a brand update or starting a new company? This article is for professionals who have needs for graphic design services, and have not worked in the creative field or with creatives before. It is a primer to…

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What does a good designer do?

Who are we designing for? How will they use what we are designing? Do they need it? What backend technologies does the client have at their disposal? What new ones are they open to trying? Who else has tried this…

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Why Is Design Important for Business?

Graphic design is crucial to a business’ identity. It conveys in the blink of an eye who and what you are. It is creative, tactical and memorable. When done right, graphic design causes wide ripple effects that complement your overall…

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What Is Branding? A Guide

BRAND The sum of all the characteristics, tangible and intangible, that make the offer unique. BRAND ENVIRONMENT The graphic system of identification as applied to three-dimensional physical space. BRAND EQUITY The value of the brand in its holistic sense to…

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Who Hires A Designer?

Okay, so you’re wondering why do you need a Design Studio? You know your brand better than anyone else. You know its story and its work culture. Doesn’t it make more sense to keep things internal, especially if you’re already…

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What Qualities Make a Good Designer?

There are a number of traits that help define what to look for in a graphic designer. After all, this is a business partnership. Prospective teams should approach design firms and freelancers with the same time and attention they give…

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What Does a design Studio Business Do?

Design Studio's are agencies, organisations or independent freelancers who ideate and create visually communicative collateral for clients. There’s more than meets the eye with this definition. To fully understand its business leveraging, we must first understand both the importance of…

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